The Upper Rock District: Forward-thinking living in Rockville, Maryland

The street is not a barrier. It is a gathering place. A pathway. A line that connects people to businesses to restaurants to parks. This is the vision of renowned new-urbanist, Andrés Duany. And it is his vision of the street—this belief in the power of community—that you will discover in The Upper Rock District.

Near the Shady Grove Metro station and right off I-270, The Upper Rock District is transforming a once-underused area of Rockville, Maryland, into a vibrant and progressive neighborhood. Open spaces. Public art. Offices. Retail. And some of the most desirable apartment homes in Rockville. The Upper Rock District is so much more than a place to live. It’s a place to come alive.

Upper Rock is where you can find a home in Rockville. Where you can find brand new office space. And where you can find great retail space opportunities. Thanks to Andrés Duany, everything is coming into place.

We invite you to become an integral element of Upper Rock.