A whole new way to live in Rockville, MD

Thirty-plus years ago, Andrés Duany had a vision. New neighborhoods shouldn’t be isolated plots set apart from shopping and employment. New neighborhoods should be enlivening places where people, business and open spaces come together to create a unique and enjoyable lifestyle. A real community.

The Upper Rock District is Andrés Duany’s newest expression of this vision. Built on reclaimed land, our community is a perfect representation of new-urbanism, offering first-class apartment homes, public art, tree-lined walkways, environmentally friendly offices and integrated retail. Plus, with a location right off I-270 and near the Metro’s Red Line, Upper Rock is exceedingly accessible.

This is the best community in Rockville. Explore all the elements of The Upper Rock District and discover the vision that has made Andrés Duany the world’s preeminent designer of modern neighborhoods.

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